What’s the point?

FullSizeRenderWe rented a car after a short and sweet rendezvous with my son on his birthday weekend in LA, to drive over to Las Vegas to meet a group of couples, some familiar and some not. That this was not my first visit to the sin city, nevertheless seemed like a promising weekend to join a few other golfers, real ones unlike me who just completed the first set of lessons and looking to an opportunity to finally put my newly acquired golf skills into tactics. So, there we were, up early in the morning with the sun still in deep slumber, bundling our golf bags into the car and heading off in the direction of Las Vegas.

Over the next four hours, we watched the sun rise over between the mountains alongside sights of snow-capped mountains, driving our lonely vehicle, befriending the even lonelier snaking highway much in silence. The world seemed as lonely as it seemed with not a living creature in the vicinity. Eventually the sight of the strip beckoned us to the land of lights, show, sound and people. Hotels that seemed larger than their neighbor loomed everywhere looking exactly like the shots on the ever familiar silver screen.

People. People and people. From all over the world. Noise. Noise and noise. Sounds of many languages. Cuisines of all types. Served in hundreds of restaurants that seemed to be everywhere. Casinos buzzing and clanging bells of wins and losses. Felt covered tables of all shapes and sizes surrounded by players sprawled over the vast expanse of the casino floor. Scantily clad, petite little waitresses gliding through the flashing floors balancing the drinks. Gondolas replicating the Venetian canals with gondoliers singing alto to couples within – all under a make-believe sky with stars during broad daylight, inside the hotel. Every show that seemed to outdo the other in glitter and glamor making our choice of attendance even more difficult. So much going on with no day or night in sight. A universe that sleep had deserted altogether. What’s the point – I thought, of it all?

Spending hours together, golfing in sunshine that wrapped us in its warmth, eating meals – hungry or not, walking for miles to no end, resting our tired feet to watch the mammoth fountains that danced to the music behind, smiling at the thought of the housekeeper that put a special something every day, what seemed to be a nervous not-so-sure first meeting and after two days feeling you have known them forever and there it was – time to bid farewell. Where did the time go?

I could not stop the world and time which just sped by – together. But the warmth of being together, the incessant chatter, the laughs, the sounds of silence in between and the unforgettable taste of friendship is mine to keep – forever.

And that is, precisely the point!

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